Corporate Social Responsibility

We at ICO Care believe in global harmony through happy living. We aim to save properties worth billions of rupees from water problem as water ruins more properties than any destruction due to natural disaster or war. For improving business footprint in its surrounding, ICO strives to improve livelihoods. Skill up-gradation, improving credit availability and technology transfer to improve productivity are some examples of our initiatives.

Environmental projects such as soil and water conservation, tree plantation and biodiversity promotion are some CSR activities that are a part of our regular life style at. For strengthening employment scenarioICO supports skill building and training programs.

Ico Care Launched in 2008, our Colourful Communities initiative endeavors to transform a community space or building by giving it new life and vitality. Through volunteerism, financial contributions and Ico Care products, we undertake projects like giving local classrooms an eye-catching makeover, re-painting dull hospital corridors with uplifting colours and creating murals in libraries. This has brightened up the lives of the locals and made their surroundings more inspiring.

Our most recent projects were transforming schools near our factory in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Ico Care supplied the products and partnered with an NGO called ‘Hand in Hand’ to handle administrative tasks. About 40 employees, including the company’s leadership team and factory workers participated in beautifying the school.
We aim to continue improving and energizing communities around the country. Deploying primary care at the village level increases the chances of identifying illnesses at an early stage. In turn, this would improve the productivity and quality of life of the rural people.

Ico Care funded the initiative of setting up a rural health clinic in Madhya Pradesh that is executed by an NGO, ‘Hand in Hand India.’ A team with a qualified medical practitioner, paramedic and counsellor is deployed at the center to provide basic health services with medicines that are issued free of cost. Patients requiring additional care are referred to a special clinic and are tracked continuously.
Ico Care has entirely sponsored the project of setting up a community college in the village of Madhya Pradesh. It offers free classes to impart skills to the rural poor and houses a well-designed computer center.

Apart from this, it has a free library with a large selection of books that the villagers can avail of. The college also houses a well-furnished tuition center for the benefit of children. The community college has been inaugurated by Mr. Deepak Bhandari, Chief Executive of Ico Care and the administration will be taken care of by ‘Sevalaya,’ an NGO based out of Indore that serves the rural poor and transforms.
The quality of their lives by providing education and life skills. Local communities often rely on ground and surface sources of water which are prone to contamination. Alternatively, they depend on private water supply which is not only scarce, but also unaffordable.

Ico Care funded a centralized water purification facility in collaboration with an NGO called ‘Hand in Hand’ on the land that was donated by the Panchayat. It functions as a reverse osmosis system along with sand, activated carbon, micron filters, UV filtration and an ozonator.
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