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As you know, we are dealing with a big range of construction, waterproofing heat-proofing chemicals as per international standards. We will explained to you about uses with the quality & durability of our construction chemicals. We discussed with you at length about waterproofing at different critical places mentioned by your good self. 7 Layer waterproofing services.

Please note that our parent company Indore Color Organics Ltd is a manufacturer of a wide range of construction chemical, waterproofing, heat proofing chemicals as per the international standards. In the brand name of “Engineer plus” National Award & state winning company for the last 30 years. We are glad to inform you that our products have been incorporate in SOR of PWD MP GOVT

Waterproofing services 7 Layer (Engineerplus)

Clean the surface by rubbing with a wire brush to remove dust and others.

Wash with clean water.

Apply 1stcoating of Engineer plus Aquasil99, Aquaprime99 & water.

Apply 2nd&3rd coating of Engineer plus WAC-99 & Engineer plus ICS-99, cement with Fiber mash.

Apply 4th & 5th coating of Engineer plus WAC-99 & Engineer Plus ICS-99with cement (Highly crack-resistant coating).

Apply final 6th & 7th Coat with Engineer plus WPC-99,

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