4-Layer Heat Proofing


(1) WAC-99: A highly concentrated super latex emulsion for waterproofing applications as well as protective coating to cementitious substances. WAC-99 is mixed with water & cement in 1:1:2.5 by wt. It is highly durable comparatively to any such product available in the market.

(2) QCS-99 :  Ready to use. Seal immediately on contact with water. Effective crack sealing in concrete & masonry surfaces. Can stop the leaking dripping water, until the final repairs are carried out. Hardens instantly under continuous wet conditions.

(3) COOL HOME : It is a matchless Heatproof compound which wonderfully works on masonry surface. It stops heat penetration and keeps cool by reflecting more than 90% heat of the sun from surface. It makes you comfortable to walk on, to live with and to save electric energy & water. It keeps water coolin high temperature conditions.

(4) TR.WPC-99 : An amazing, powerful lamination coating on cement concrete structure. High resistance to water, High mechanical strength, High scrub and impact resistance.

(A) HeatProofing Procedure With Fiber Mesh (4 layer):

  • Clean the surface by rubbing with wire brush to remove dust and other particales.
  • Wash with clean water
  • Apply WAC-99 & QCS-99 with cement, If required.
  • Apply 1st & 2nd coat of COOL HOME layer for Heat proofing & mix with water in the ratio of 1: 0.5 kg.
  • Then apply 3rd coat of Pure COOL HOME layer for giving Final touch of Heat proofing, as required for Heat Proofing.
  • Then apply lamination 4th coat of TR.WPC-99 protective & transparentlayer.

Working Area: 1000 sq ft- (Minimum) Area of treated place should be calculated as per actual or as perside in charge direction.

Rate : Rs. 35/- per sq ft. (Eligible Rate Rs. 15/- per layer) Depends upon the condition of the terrace. (Eligible rate is 15 Rs per coat)

4 Layer Application Process

Cleaning By Wire Brush
Cleaning By Grinder
Removing Loose Material
Wash With Clean Water
Finding oF Cracks
Opening Cracks in V Groove
Fill Chemical In Cracks
1st Coat Penitrative Heatproofing
Mixture Paint On Floor
2nd and 3rd Coat
4th Coat (Lamination)
Final Heat Proofing
Water Tank Heat Proofing
Temple Side Walk HeatProofing
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